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Kcaz25 06.05.2017 12:55 PM

1/5th scale sensored motor!! First I have seen! Castle, hurrry to catch up!

Kcaz25 06.05.2017 05:55 PM

They have 3 big sensored surface escs aswell. One goes up to a huge amount of cells. Only one has a bec sadly it is 5v 3amps. No big deal castle bec ftw.

Kcaz25 11.26.2017 02:07 PM

Apparently the Hobbywing 200amp v3 esc is also sensored.

nitrostarter 11.27.2017 10:29 AM

I'm not really seeing where sensored would be an advantage in large scale....

Kcaz25 11.28.2017 07:55 AM

I was one of those that said sensored isnt necessary for any help in racing or that the benefits are just too negligible. Well that was only after I ran the Novak 4400hv for 40mins until it burned up. And had spent countless hours on a sensorless castle 2200kv. but then after only bashing a Tekin t8 with both a mmpro and an MMX. "They are only in sensored mode for the startup" I love it. They can be driven slower and my favorite part is the fact that after a stint of time rolling backwards a sensorless motor will not continue until the motor has stopped moving. It can really stop the flow of a bash. plus the 200+ dollar motor benefits from having its temp monitored. It's a bling factor for me too.

lincpimp 11.28.2017 12:12 PM

I drove a 4x4 slash with the sensored castle setup in it, might have been a Mamba x and the 1415 motor, cant remember the exact setup. It was very smooth, a big improvement in my eyes.

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