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jtr 03.31.2014 05:55 AM

bigscale brushless racetrim

Been doing some reading on the net about controllers and motors.

Don't want to end up bying the wrong stuf, so hope to get some help here.

car: FG Leopard competition 2wd.

goal: being able to race a 1/2 hour final, with at least the same power the gas engines have.

Please give me a direction where to start.


Arct1k 03.31.2014 07:22 AM

Castle xl2 and 2028 with 8s and lots of lipos.

For 3omin unless you use lots of batteries you will likely need one change

jtr 03.31.2014 07:36 AM

Wich way to go to use less current? Higher voltage?

Don't care about topspeed, maybe 35-40 mph.

lincpimp 03.31.2014 10:21 AM

Yes, to use less current you have to go to higher voltage. Higher voltage is slightly more efficient, in general.

You really need to figure out the gearing and post it here. We can then go thru it and determine the motor kv you need to get to 40mph.

jtr 03.31.2014 11:04 AM

Ok, I,m at work right now. Willm post FDR later today.

Arct1k 03.31.2014 02:21 PM

For the same power the losses are reduced by the square of the increase in voltage

Ie Double voltage, half amps, quarter losses

jtr 03.31.2014 06:03 PM

thx Arct1k, didn't know that uptill now.

My FDR now is 7.04, gas engine revs 20.000, tire circumference 53cm will give topspeed of 56 mph.
Can't imagine going that fast in a race. The longest straight i've been on was 70 meter.

With the FDR i can go up to 9.

To give you an idea what i race, have a look at the link below.


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