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tinuss 07.04.2017 03:55 PM

Love my old skool Gmaxx ....

nitrostarter 07.04.2017 07:18 PM

Very nice sir! What motors are those?

lincpimp 07.05.2017 10:04 AM

They look like align heli motors.

tinuss 07.05.2017 04:06 PM

hmmm maby i should resize next time....

Those are Hacker C-50 Maxx motors on Hobbywing SCT Pro esc's .

Had them for sale but nobody wanted so i just put them on a maxx


nitrostarter 07.05.2017 05:41 PM

Nice! Old Hacker motors. 3600kv? It ought to move out nicely.

lincpimp 07.05.2017 06:03 PM

I had a pair of those c50 maxx motors a while back and I was planning to do the same thing... Still have some sort of hacker l can, but it needs a shaft.

nitrostarter 07.05.2017 07:15 PM

If I remember right, those motors had problems with their shafts. 1/8" shaft would break.

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