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Bondonutz 05.21.2011 04:16 PM

Slash 4wd drive axle upgrade, BOMB PROOF
I try to race my Slash 4wd at the track at least twice a week with friends and like the fact that this truck is sooo tough. It may not be the premium of handling SC's but it's a tough SOB with everything RPM and the KingzHead motor Mount. The only weak point is the axles and rear carrier bearings. I finially got tired of changing the pussy rear carrier bearings after the 10th set and decided to take a page from LincPimps thread and do some modding of my own to help this situation.

I used Losi LST/XXL CVD's and and Lightning Stadium Pro Rear carriers and Erevo diffs becase the larger output shaft was required to use the steelm outdrive cups, I think the revo diffs shpould be stronger but I'm worried they may not be as tuneable, Time will tell on this part ? A wire feed welder and scraps of SS tubeing are also needed.

Very little dremeling was required to get the LSP carrier to work on the RPM arms


The biggest PITA was cutting anmd rewelding the axles down to size. I figured out the lenth I needed and cut and rewelded the axle back together and then slid the SS tube over the weld and buttoned up both ends. Looks a little funky with the big hump on the shaft(insert joke here) but I'm more than confident this will hold even with a 1512 and 3s.

Another bump in the road of this build was where the axles pin placement was, the 17mm hubs I had made me lose 4-5 mm of offset, so I drilled out the AKA 17mm hbs to fit and work with the XXL axles. The XXL axles has the set screw like most 1/8scale apps so the pin with a freshly ground flat spot should be a good home for the grub screw.


I also used HPI hinge pins that require only one C-clip part# A281 to ditch the stock shiz-itty pin/screws that constantly back out of the RPM arms even with CA. So hopefully this will be a fix as well.

Heres some mor pics, any questions plz feel free.






I'm going to make front axles as well but will be useing Aftershock axles because the smaller diameter due to the front carriers size restrictions. I'll be using the Tekno carriers with 6mm ID Boca bearings. I have to decide if I can cut, rethread the AS axle to except the 17mm hubs ? Next weeks prodject I guess because I'm going racing Sun.

Bondonutz 05.21.2011 04:56 PM

I just tried to put it all together and realized the axles are to long, I dont get a full up stroke befor the axles bind in the cups. Sooo, I need to cut and reweld all over from scratch and make them another 4-5mm shorter. Bummer, glad I have a fresh 18pack of Bud in the fridge. This sucks bit not to big of a deal. :oops::oops:

Semi Pro 05.21.2011 11:14 PM

nice idea with the lightning rear hubs, i have afew sets of the sitting around so im going to have to give them a try

the part i am breaking the most is the front hub carrier still

Bondonutz 05.22.2011 10:50 AM

I guess your running the plastic front carriers. Get the PE ones, ben rockin mine for well over a year and they're still doing well other than typical bearing wear.

The guys I run SCT with are a rough driving bunch and if I haven't broken one yet they are plenty tough. Lots of carnage when we all get together on the track, 5-6 SCT's and goofy rednecks driving them. It's quit the site:whistle:

Semi Pro 05.22.2011 08:35 PM

im rocking the pe carriers now days, im busting the tekno steering hubs

rootar 05.23.2011 12:17 PM

the teckno cvds are plenty tough. if you get the 17mm hexs and stubs to go with it then its exactly like an 8th scale setup.

Bondonutz 05.23.2011 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by rootar (Post 407132)
the teckno cvds are plenty tough. if you get the 17mm hexs and stubs to go with it then its exactly like an 8th scale setup.

A buddy of mine dropped coin on the Tekno cvd's, lot of $$

I had nearly all the parts needed and what I did have to buy was under 12.00. Beat the shit out of it today, nasty tumbles and blasting pvc pipes with zero issues, testing went well and it actually handles even better I think ?

lincpimp 06.22.2017 01:33 PM

Damn, I just saw this!

I like the conversion, and the 8th scale stuff will be a lot stronger than anything using the stock undersized hubs.... My pede 4x4 is almost done with the HPI/Mip setup. Just waiting on longer cups for the diffs. Hopefully the traxxas revo cups designed to go with the setback arms will do. I swapped the outdrives in the stock diffs with maxx/revo outdrives to get up to 6mm from the stock 5mm. I honestly have no idea why they did not just go with slayer driveshafts... Garbage 2wd pede/rusty driveshafts were a joke from day 1. Looking back I should have with slayer/modded revo driveshafts or something like that.

Or gone with 8th buggy arms, hubs, the whole deal. I remember when David Lamontagne (i cant speak french) did an 8th buggy arm and hub swap on the pede 2wd I got from him. I still have pics of that, may need to dig that up.

Bondonutz 06.23.2017 01:21 PM

James, whats going on bro, long time no speak.
How you doing, still have prostitutes and Harold chained up in the basement?

lincpimp 06.24.2017 01:05 PM

Sadly I will never be able to chain Harold up again... He is in a better place.

It has been a while, how is life for you?

I am back into rc and have some interesting projects to do. Plan to finish stuff up (yes I have said that before...)

I have been surfing the thread that came and went since my absence and you have done some cool stuff.

Bondonutz 06.25.2017 07:36 PM

If I'm understanding you correctly Harold is no longer with us? Can you plz send me a PM explaining what happened. I will miss him, great guy an such a sense of humor.

Myself, I'm having a lot of health issues mainly blown out joints, osteoarthritis and nerve pain but the wife and I are doing well. We got 3 kittens this time last year and they turned out to be great cats, couldn't be happier.
I completely got out of RC, all I have left of my 6x6 and tools, sold everything else mainly because I can't get out and move around like I used too. My knees an hips are shot, disability moves slow for knee an hip replacement surgery's.
All I do now is tinker with firearms an go to the range 1-3 times a month.

I hope your doing well.

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