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florianz 03.25.2017 05:34 PM

My Tekno ET48.3 Build
Hi there,

Good to be back at RC Monster :yes: I am Flo from Hamburg and I am RC-infected for about 10 years now.
I have done several 1:8 electric conversions and builds, this is actually my second build without converting a gas car into electric, it's "just a build".

I will also post some inside-view pics of the Medusa Afterbuerner brushless motor (probably including some nude hands...)

It took me a while to find the right setup for the truggy, now I am quite happy with the ET48.3. I like a soft setup, and I have installed the CS shock plates. The overall-quality of the Tekno is ok, the transmission, diffs have excellent quality, almost no wear so far.

I own the ET48 for about 1,5 years now, and lately have serviced the truggy (cleaning, new bearings etc.).
The body is new an got damaged already, fixed it with a 2 component glue (ZAP z-poxy quick shot). So far the poorest quality in regards to body shell.
I also cleaned the new bearings and oiled (special mixture) them, to avoid dirt sticking on them.

I changed the rear arms, as one arm has cracked again, number 4 so far. They always broke during "normal" driving.

For the rear end I made a skid-plate from epoxy/glass fiber composite, which is very durable. To avoid sand and dirt between the chassis and the skid plate, I have glued it on the chassis with car-silicone.
http://www.offroad-cult.org/Board/at...90454287_1.jpg http://www.offroad-cult.org/Board/at...90454584_h.jpg

In the front I have used kydex. Kydex is very rugged an can be bent under heat. I use Kydex for many years now, initially I have made battery-cases with Kydex. Simple, cheap and durable.

http://www.offroad-cult.org/Board/at...90454553_2.jpg http://www.offroad-cult.org/Board/at...90454613_i.jpg

new body:

As I had birthday recently, I have got myself a new motor, a 3680 Medusa Afterburner with 1600 kv. That's why I had to move the ESC backwards.

To stay cool I have glued a 12v fan on the chassis, which runs on 5s.


The new HV-Servo (Turnigy) has 21 kg torque, 0,16 speed (a bit slow). The servo horn I have found at egay, is kinda low-profile, and fits quite well.
As my RX receiver only works with max. 6,5V, I have installed the new HV UBEC just for the servo, with 16 AWG wires (!).


The capacitor-bank for the ESC is from a dead skyrc-ESC. The servo has a big fat capacitor to stay powerful. The wiring is as clean as I am able to...


to be continued in a minute...

florianz 03.25.2017 05:39 PM

Servohorn and servo are close together, but it works


I use longer and more flat 5s lipo batteries, because that is good for a low COG. It fits in after some work:

Due to the extra weight in the back, I had to change the setup of the shock, now it' driving well

Here are the wires for the new HV-servo

The UBEC delivers 7,2 / 12 V, so I have fixed the switch with some glue; 12v would kill everything...

to be continued in a minute :whip:

florianz 03.25.2017 05:46 PM

Here some more details about moving the esc to the back of the truggy, as I run the 8cm Medusa Afterburner.

The plastic on the right side is pretty used after the past 1,5 years. I have glued (with a 2k-glue) come carbon fiber onto the plastic, and bolted it on the chassis plate with two extra screws.


The velcro is by 3M and works very well, the ESC is secured with some carbon-fiber thingie.

As the chassis looks like this, the skid plates are really a must-have

Inside the skid plate you can see how it looks, when screwed together in hot condition. Fits perfectly.


Here's the UBEC, which has two output-wires


nitrostarter 03.26.2017 03:22 AM

Nice build! Those Tekno's are really nice units.

Where did you find the Medusa motor??

florianz 03.26.2017 04:03 AM

Thanks nitrostarter! This is the shop in Germany

florianz 03.29.2017 03:30 PM

I broke some more arms in the front... pretty annoying, so I am now boiling new arms, to make them more solid... it's like in the 90's.

The Turnigy servo is a piece of junk, works with a delay and is very very slow. So I was looking for a HV servo for a reasonable price. I found the new Team Corally servos, and as I rembered Corally as a good brand in my earlier 1:10 days, so I picked that servo.
Here some pics, the feel of the surface is just excellent:
regards, florian

nitrostarter 03.29.2017 09:13 PM

I have a Holmes HV500 in my Bomber and it's a great servo. Strong and quiet.

Just picked up a Protek 370TBL for my Wroncho. This one isn't as fast but I lodge my front wheels, it will wag the rear end side to side.

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