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PBO 03.03.2011 07:31 PM

Motivated eBay seller

Might be old news but worth a look & laugh

reno911 03.03.2011 07:49 PM

Unless she is a butter face, he was an idiot!

bigsteel 03.03.2011 08:12 PM

DAYUM! dude must have been a total douche! I sent her a friend request on Facebook,lol

lincpimp 03.03.2011 09:03 PM

Old saying, goes something like this: "no matter how good a woman looks there is a man who is sick of putting up with her sh**"

And if he can score something that good, he can likely do better. Always try to step up gents, keep reaching for the stars!

simplechamp 03.03.2011 10:56 PM

If I was with her I know I'd be reaching for something, definitely not stars though.

TexasSP 03.04.2011 11:02 AM

These are the things that embarrass me about my country.

In my estimation they are both losers. He for cheating and her for turning something that happens to millions the world over into another low life Jerry Springer 15 minutes of fame.

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