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REVO 46 12.18.2011 04:04 PM

Revo BL motor mount?
The original 3.3 engine mount braces the rear bulkhead, do I need to cut it to use the RCM bl motor mount?


RC-Monster Mike 12.19.2011 03:29 PM

I simply remove it(don't use it), but you certainly could cut the mount section off and retain the bulk brace.

REVO 46 12.21.2011 09:08 AM

OK thanks Mike. I just ordered it and some 1/8 diff output shafts, any idea when the revo drive shaft couplers will be back in stock? thanks


BrianG 12.21.2011 10:14 AM

If you do a lot of jumping, you may want to keep the nitro brace if you can. The mount works awesome, but the chassis does flex, and that messes with the mesh when it does. And when the mesh changes, you could get chewed gears. The nitro mount and/or the optional Traxxas bracing plate makes the chassis much stiffer around that area.

REVO 46 12.21.2011 03:21 PM

Thanks Brian. I wont be needing the nitro mount again, so cutting it up is fine. Yeah, I'll use the 5361A brace plate and I've got Vantage's V-Armor skid/brace to. I'm thinking of just keeping the back half of the nitro mount that screws to the bulks, then use longer screws in the rear shock mount (mistercrash's idea) with piece of delrin or alloy plate across the front.
Cheers Brad

REVO 46 12.21.2011 04:17 PM

AH! I just noticed the revo couplers are back in stock. I sent you an e-mail Mike about adding them to my current order. I hope you haven't sent it yet lol.

Thanks Brad

REVO 46 01.09.2012 10:55 PM

Got the all the parts yesterday 9/1/12, thanks Mike.

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