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silentbob343 10.09.2017 08:30 PM

What is going on with RC
I leave the hobby for a few years and I come back to a ghost town.

Several companies have gone under and the focus seems to be on scale crawlers.

Have people flocked to drones?

Kcaz25 10.09.2017 09:47 PM

No I still think people are having fun with Brushless cars and trucks but all the kinks have been mostly worked out. It is easy to run a good brushless RTR now.

nitrostarter 11.22.2017 08:04 PM

Pretty much most of the forum activity has moved to the old book of face. Which I hate since it’s hard to search and primitive noobs asking the same stupid pointless questions over and over. Then people flamed the noobs and everyone gets butthurt.

Kcaz25 11.22.2017 09:08 PM

Mike should create a facebook page he could link his store or even sell from Facebook

nitrostarter 11.23.2017 02:40 PM


Kcaz25 11.23.2017 04:27 PM

Zero points to Mike for not advertising better. lol.

Granted I do now see it on the Store page.

silentbob343 11.25.2017 01:39 PM

Good to know Mike is still active. I tried emailing through here and got no response. I guess you need to go through Facebook.

lincpimp 11.28.2017 11:18 AM

Thanks for the link to the FB page nitrostuffer!!! Nice to see Mike's progress pics and such.

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