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millzee 09.01.2012 07:15 AM

K.I.S.S 5ive-T Conversion
I've made a start on my conversion and have decided not to do any work this evening as I bowled today and am suprisingly sore so I figured I'd begin my thread.
I purchased the RCM conversion kit but have put a few twist in here and there to make things work for me. I Have made a servo mount for a brake servo on the left hand side of the layout. To fit the RCM battery tray, I took to it with the angle grinder and come up with a l shaped mount around the servo that'll hold one of the four lipos I'll use in the set up. The steering servo has remainded in the original mount although the mount has also been cut down to only accommodate the servo and rx. The servo mount was made using 50mmx50mmx3mm angle aluminium and fit around the drive shaft to keep the speedo up safe where the air flow will be and the mount will also be used to mount the bec pro. I fitted an RCM center diff locker and I'm almost finished the battery box, I'm sick of wasting money on lipo's when the velcro has broken during one of many specy crashes, it sux and I recon more time should be spent protecting them so the box is made of aluminium and will be lined with 5mm rubber foam and then strapped in tight with a carbon fiber lid using a 500kg rated pull strap, they should be fine. I'm kinda sick of typing atm, I hope to finish in the next few days and I'll post some more, here's a few pic's.






just for a size comparison, a slash 4x4 trailer

brian015 09.01.2012 08:27 AM

I love the battery box - I happen to believe that we can make pretty much anything out of Al-angle - so the servo mount and esc mount look great to me too.

Nice work. :yes:

millzee 09.01.2012 08:30 AM

thanks, it suits me, it's not pretty but it does it's job.

magman 09.01.2012 09:31 AM

Nice work BTW...in looking at your battery boxes, are you going to notch one end so as to take the pressure off of the wires as they exit the tray? Just a thought. I always notch my trays for this reason.

brainanator 09.01.2012 11:48 AM

good work, I love 5Ts, wish I had one myself! :D

millzee 09.02.2012 07:33 AM

I just put the lid on and while the truck is fully loaded and it weighs in at 18.6kg, not a bad weight savings on the gasser.

millzee 09.02.2012 09:07 AM

I read something about an RCM slipper maybe in the pipe line, any idea??

jayjay283 09.02.2012 03:29 PM

with that meaty pinion could run 2 spurs screwed together and a baby alternator next to a mechanical water pump

bigbadtaz 09.03.2012 01:44 AM


millzee 09.08.2012 09:22 AM

I managed to get a few hours done this evening, I'm nearly there, now it's as simple as bolting on the esc mount, wire tidying and soldering, tomorrow.
Here's a few pics.






millzee 09.08.2012 09:43 AM

and a few more






magman 09.08.2012 10:52 AM

Have a few batts...lol With all of the batts you have how long are you trying to get as far as run time goes. I am guessing 45mins?

Good job!

millzee 09.10.2012 10:45 AM

I ran out of free time to drive for too long but from what I've seen so far I like the truck and look forward to hitting the moto x track. I used a Mr 3000 so I plugged the brake servo into the 2nd throttle input an adjusted it so it runs free until the servo pulls the mech brakes into play, I have the front a little tighter than the rear atm and the brake setting on the esc at 40% and it pulled up well after some fine tuning on the tx, trust me, when this thing is doing 70kph toward you and you jam the brakes on it brings a rush of blood to the system for that split second when you think you may have two broken legs, lol. I ran for around 20 minutes including adjustments, a few speed runs and a few donuts/ playing in the dirt and the packs only half empty, temps where all good but we'll see how things go at the track. Weight distribution seems to be ok at this point after a few throttle punches over the speed humps in the park but I want heavier springs before I'll jump it too big.
I'll try getting some video soon but I have the bowls open on Saturday and a bloke has entered me in a tournament on Sunday so this week ends out, I might have to get out of work one day this week, damn good weather!!







millzee 09.10.2012 10:45 AM






millzee 09.11.2012 04:10 PM

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