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Blazerss 03.12.2012 01:02 AM

Hardcore Tmaxx Pro Purple build
Well I have gotten into the Hardcore parts and have to say they are some of my favorites. Im going to be doing a few builds with their stuff in the future hopefully. The first one is going to be based on the .15 Pro TI chassis with a purple theme. It wont be completely purple though, there will be silver and natural titanium to break it up. I'm also doing a HCR Emaxx green theme at the same time, so this build wont be fast as I'm collecting hard to find parts for 2 trucks at the same time. If you have questions or comments please post it up. If you have parts please let me know:yes:

Here is my Hardcore section


The Chassis

Battery box installed

Receiver box installed

From the under side

Overdriven 03.12.2012 02:43 AM

I like HCR parts alot myself. Built quite a few Maxx trucks using their stuff back in the day.

Klausen 03.12.2012 01:07 PM

Awesome collection, this is gonna be 2 nice builds. I like the Hardcore stuff alot too. Used to have some blue bulkheads on my first Gmaxx, and they were great.

Blazerss 03.17.2012 12:07 AM

Thanks for the comments guys. Got some more progress made and got some more parts in today:nod:

Short servo mounts mounted (wish I could find purple ones)

Tall servo mounts (wish I could find these in purple as well)

Chassis braces (Once again, purple would be nice)

Center skid mounted (I have one in purple but haven't decided if Im going to use it since I only have the natural TI color for the front and rear skids. I think purple braces and then the natural TI color skids will be the way I go)

A little peak at my new HCR wheels I just got today

nastety92 03.17.2012 05:14 PM

Looks like a great start.

Why not send them all out to get anodized purple the same color?

Good luck,

Blazerss 03.17.2012 09:05 PM

Thanks Nick,

HCR actually had a couple different shades of purple. Im wanting all my stuff to be the brightest shade they had. I could send it off once I have all my parts, but chances of getting someone to match this purple seems slim. My goal is to find the parts in the purple I want. Might take a while, but its the plan. Im also going to do an emaxx in HCR green and Im also going to do one where I have the parts anodized my own color. Hardest part is just finding HCR parts in good enough shape.

Blazerss 03.18.2012 09:26 PM

Got the motor mount mounted in today. Should have more rear bulkheads this week and be able to get those mounted and then assemble the rear suspension.


Blazerss 04.02.2012 02:54 PM

Sorry for the big delay in progress guys. I found some different parts that are really going to take this build to its best I think. I also picked up another chassis this weekend and I think Im going to make a twin to this truck. Everything purple on this one will be silver on the twin and everything silver will be purple. Here is a sneak peak at the new chassis


Blazerss 04.04.2012 02:47 PM

Here is some updated pics of the collection. Im waiting on one more part to have everything I need.


nitrostarter 04.04.2012 03:21 PM

Looks like a hobby shop wall of HCR parts! Nice!!

_paralyzed_ 04.06.2012 12:58 AM

I'm so glad all these maxx lovers are here at Rc-Monster. I love seeing these epic builds!:yes:

Blazerss 04.07.2012 03:28 PM

Thanks for the comments guys

Finally making some progress. Found some purple chassis braces that I think go a lot better than the silver ones.


Blazerss 04.07.2012 03:29 PM

Check out the bulkheads Im using. Notice how they have more material cut out than the purple and silver bulkheads at the bottom of the picture.

Blazerss 04.12.2012 01:27 PM

Ok guys, more progress will be made this weekend. Here is what I just got in the mail. For me this is like the tip top of my Hardcore parts. This was very hard to find and a really rare piece, especially new in the bag. :D


Overdriven 04.12.2012 02:27 PM

Wow, I've never seen a purple emaxx chassis before! Sweet parts, as a mere mortal who couldn't afford UE the HCR stuff was my fav, making me miss mine.

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