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sw2kid 07.03.2012 01:21 AM

Short length buggy motor?
I'm looking for any opinions on a brushless motor. I have very limited space in my buggy so I need a shorter motor, anything under 68mm will be a tight fit but will work. I was looking at some kontroniks stuff and they have some motors within that length. Has anyone ever run something like that in a buggy? The buggy that it will be going in is a mugen mbx6r and will be running on 4s lipo if that helps at all.

Thank you all for the help in advance.

_paralyzed_ 07.03.2012 06:51 AM

A neu 1512 is a killer motor and is 62mm long. Castle Creations has made a couple versions of a 2650 kv 1512 size motor, a green one and a black "hpi flux" version.

I run a 2650kv neu 1512 in my hyper 8.5 buggy on 4s.

brian015 07.03.2012 06:52 AM

The Leopard 4065 works great in my buggy (1800kv on 4s - occasionally on 6s).

bdebde 07.03.2012 08:40 AM

Neu 1509 is shorter yet... I run them in my 2 buggies (HB Ve8's); 1820 kv on 4s and 1450 kv on 6s

nitrostarter 07.03.2012 09:42 AM

The Castle 1512 In the 1800kv flavor is a really nice motor on 4s in a buggy.

FG101C 07.03.2012 09:51 AM

+1 on the 1509 and I run the 1512 1800kv Castle in my Truggy on 5s and it's great.

sw2kid 07.04.2012 01:32 AM

So, hit another snag with my buggy. I measured everything out and the neu 1512 will not work do to the diameter with out running a huge clutch bell (running tekno electrik clutch) will a neu 1412 work or is that pushing the limits and will it be running hot. has anyone ran a 36mm motor in a buggy? what was your luck?

FG101C 07.04.2012 01:40 AM

1412 works too, there's also the Tekin motors, they fit the Tekno mounts.

_paralyzed_ 07.04.2012 03:00 AM

^^x2 what he said

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