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BL_RV0 01.17.2010 11:39 PM

Where I've been.
Hey old friends, long time no post. I basically got out of RC a couple months ago when I jumped on a crazy good deal for my truggy. I'd like to get back in, but don't have any money (damn airsoft :lol:). I've also been really busy with school and cross country. I'm fine though, nothing drastic has happened to prevent me from coming on the forums. My dad did move to northern Cali though, so I've had to deal with him being gone all the time now. It kind of sucks but I'm used to it now (he moved in august).
Well, it's good to be back among my friends.
Thanks for reading this everyone.

PedeBasher 01.17.2010 11:44 PM

Does anyone care? Kidding. Welcome back! Its great that all is well with you, sorta.

BL_RV0 01.17.2010 11:46 PM

Thanks for the "warm" welcome. :lol:

Kcaz25 01.17.2010 11:57 PM

Good to see you back!

JERRY2KONE 01.18.2010 12:02 AM

Its always sad to see people gone, but nice when they remember we are still here. So welcome back and what happened? Sounds like a divorce or something along that line? We have all had our struggles along the path of life, but R/C is here to stay I believe. We hope all is well and things will always change on us, but money will come back and an opportunity will show up for you to get your toys back on some level. Good luck with that.

BL_RV0 01.18.2010 12:26 AM

Thanks guys. My dad moved because his girlfriend found a "promising" job with these billionaire rancher people.... Kind of a contradiction but...yeah....

Unsullied_Spy 01.18.2010 06:01 AM

You left? :lol: just kidding, good to see you back!

magman 01.18.2010 08:44 AM

Welcome back

Takedown 01.18.2010 10:12 AM

Same sh1t different story for me.:no:

Bondonutz 01.18.2010 11:16 AM

Good to see you back hitting the keys here at the Monster

_paralyzed_ 01.18.2010 04:19 PM

you've been gone and Linc hasn't been commenting as much as usual. You can only imagine I assumed the worst. Somebody should really trace this IP address and make sure it's not Linc typing as RVO. For the love of god RVO, put the lotion on the skin!!!!:slap:

Bondonutz 01.18.2010 04:33 PM


Originally Posted by _paralyzed_ (Post 344702)
Somebody should really trace this IP address and make sure it's not Linc typing as RVO. For the love of god RVO, put the lotion on the skin!!!!:slap:


Freezebyte 01.18.2010 04:47 PM

Linc would do something stupid like that. That man has got to be one of the weirdest characters i've ever come across on the web, and i've been around....

BL_RV0 01.18.2010 06:07 PM

Trust me guys, if it was linc typing this I would be able to come up with good jokes on the spot.... Thanks for posting everyone and welcoming me back to the crowd! Can someone fill me in on all the recent innovations since I've been gone?

lincpimp 01.18.2010 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by Freezebyte (Post 344707)
... and i've been around....

Yeah, that is what the hooker on the block said too. How is your rear, still sore? Put some lotion on it next time.

I may be weird, but at least most get a laugh out of me.

Good to see you back Ian, keep away from Freezebum, from what I have heard he is quite fond multilingual guys like yourself.. "call me daddy in russian!"

Now if that is done let me go back to being stupid....

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