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BL_RV0 05.09.2010 11:06 PM

Back and have a question
Hey everyone! Long time no see eh?
Been off the forums due to EXTREME involvement in the airsoft world. Possibly looking to trade some airsoft guns for RC, let me know if anyone's interested. I don't have any RC anything at the moment except for my 1210i charger setup. How I miss my BL HST... :oops:
Please update me into the most recent RC innovations- I miss it! :whistle:
Onto my question- I need a BL motor fitting these dimensions. Has to be fairly powerful and must be of decent quality. No KD motors :lol:. Here's the dimensions-
shaft OD is currently unknown, I believe it is 3mm but I could make a 3.2mm shaft work.
21mm shaft length (or VERY close)
25mm width preferred but could be any amount smaller and may be able to be slightly larger
Body length of 61mm or shorter.
Total length of 82mm or shorter.

Thanks so much everyone and I'm glad to be back


Chadworkz 05.09.2010 11:24 PM

The only motor sizes with a diameter of 25mm or smaller are the 20mm 1/18 & 1/16 motors. Next up is the 28mm size.

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