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Knez 01.19.2011 03:18 PM

This kit is not a copy as my friends baja was given to ALZA racing and it was there for 2 months. So Nothing was copied as all the parts were made from scratch. You can't make bottom and top plate much different than original HPI plates.

feistyacorn 01.19.2011 03:42 PM

Looks like a mod edited our posts. Sorry about going off on the "one way idea sharing concept".

JERRY2KONE 01.19.2011 05:22 PM

Good points
All good points of view, but the bottom line in these matters is that if you do not acquire a patend on an item, then you do not have much of a recourse if anyone does copy said product. Acquiring a patend is difficult enough, and getting a patend on every single product would be rediculously exspnsive and complicated. You would need a legal department with a team of lawyers dedicated to doing just that. WAPITA for any company just dealing with such nonsense. I must say that things seem to be getting more and more competitive in our hobby where manufacturing is concerned. Good for us I guess.

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