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03.06.2008, 07:57 PM

I got the 3905 slipper shaft from Traxxas in the mail yesteday or the day before. With the setup I had when I ordered it. the best I could do was 64t spur and 22t pinion with a mod to the motor mount. I just installed the Neu motor so you can understand my need for more. Couldn't wait I converted the G1 tranny using the revo shaft and revo slipper the very night I order the shaft from traxxas. I got the jato spurs to use with the slipper clutch 58, 56 & 54. Hooked up a headlight and got my fix. I tired them all out with a 26t pinion. I got to say it sure is nice having options now. Novaks setup is nice for what it does. Being stuck on 70/12 got old. So for as far as 32p there seems to be a pretty good choice of spurs and pinions becoming available. The new e-maxx 62, 65 and 68. Then the jatos 54, 56, and 58. Mike has 14t - 24t 32p pinions. Mike was out of stock so I found another place they carry up to a 33t pinion for aruond the same price. That should cover my setup.

Anyways I had an extra tranny (well I do now from the left overs) and installed the new slipper shaft in that one and converted it to single speed. I drilled an exit hole and left the shaft the original length instead of cutting it to length. The slippers are a little slippery to change without one. The problem that I can see so far is that the spur is so far away from the motor mount. Don't have another slipper to install and find out how much though.

Here's pics of the shaft installed in the 3906 tranny. There was a little extra shimming involed with the differential output gear. Mainly because the traxxas steel idler and top gear on the output shaft are longer.?. wider.?. Longer. Eye balling the 3905 shaft next to the old one you can see that the gear is longer and ends right were the shaft is cut on the old shaft for the g1 tranny. So I can't verify that the shaft will work in the G1 tranny.

When I put the gorrila motor mount on. I will use the old motor plate and slipper setup to take some measurement. I'll post pictures of the distance with a couple different motor installed.
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