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07.08.2018, 08:21 PM

To all who still use the R/C Speed tools, I have taken down the site. It was just an expense I didn't want to deal with anymore, nor did I want to ask for handouts or deal with advertising (I HATE ads).

I figured I'd get a few emails on the subject, so I thought I'd preempt them. Attached is a zip file which contains all the speed calcs and tools that used to be on the site. To use them, follow these instructions:
  1. Download the "" file to your PC.

  2. Using a compression program like WinZIP, WInRAR, 7-zip, etc., unzip to a spot on your PC. This should create a "rc_speed" folder containing all sorts of files.

  3. Open the "rc_speed" folder, and then open "index.html" in a browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc. Note that Chrome does NOT work because of some security issue.

  4. Everything should work as it did online.
Or, you can host online using pretty much any server. It's not tied to any specific technology so it should work fine on Apache or IIS servers, or on any operating system. The code is very old, so I would have it sit in its own directory to avoid conflicts with any APIs or libraries.

Feel free to share with other people if you want on forums or wherever. The copyright just says you can't package it as your own and sell it.
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