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12.06.2010, 10:43 PM

Originally Posted by Overdriven View Post
You are a brave soul for anodizing those parts.

I'm really curious what the layout is going to be on the Predator
Taking the step to anodize all of that Lightning lot was either poop or get off the pot, no turning back once you decide to do it. The Predator was easier to decide but the I was pretty anxious about that one. Dang near had a anxiety attack when the USPS delivery did not show up on time to deliver the finished product and it was a couple days late. Just sending out that kind of a stash made me nervous as heck. But the end result is just amazing, I am really glad I decided to do the Marble anodizing, at first that was not in the plan but then I thought about doing some of the main pieces to break apart the two solids. So the wheels, trans case and the VBS were chosen to get the marble. All three of those items turned out great.

I will decide on the Predator once I get the center unit mounted on whether I will have room for a tray or just a strap to hold the LiPo on the chassis. I would like to get a tray so I will measure once I get the drive line all put on.

Thanks for checking out the trucks guys! Glad I brought them over here to share.
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