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10.27.2015, 10:40 AM

Thanks Ruud! I'll try and fiddle around with it a bit to see what can be done. I did get one of these already:, in order to run the Traxxas Revo gears as pinion on 8 mm shaft as an alternative. It's a nicely made adapter, design and finish looks more professional than the single-speed Traxxas gear adapter I got for my center-spool in the past.

It's been a while, but I finally had some time to disassemble the motor. What I found was rather disappointing though. The shaft was very poorly secured to the rotor (no proper retaining compound: used 'glue' was soft/sticky and not hardened) and the shaft seems to have been modified or used/intended previously for a different rotor/motor (shaft seems to be shorted too, in what appears to be a DIY-manner).

In the pics below, you can see additional flat-spots have been made on the shaft to attach it to the rotor in this specific way, as if the shaft/rotor combo was originally intended for a longer motor can. These flat spots are poorly done and are very uneven (you can compare them to the factory-made flat spots in the pics), making them unsuitable for proper attachment of the rotor and, in addition, disturbing the balance of the shaft. During bench-testing I already noticed the motor vibrated more than what I'm used to with other motors; I didn't pay much attention to that at that point, but seeing the shaft now, it I think the additional flat spots have ruined the rotor balance. You can see ring-shaped wear marks on the shaft caused by fretting on the edges of the rotor, induced by movement of the loose shaft under vibrations (remember, I only ran the motor once).

I'm still talking to the seller about how to deal with this; I cannot imagine the motor left the factory this way, that would be very poor quality work in my opinion, so it seems some sort of customization has been done, although not executed very professionally.

Anyway, what do you guys make of this?

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