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11.20.2015, 09:41 AM

Alright, replacement rotor came in!

After talking to APS (where I bought the motor) and the TP factory, the TP factory took full responsibility for my loose rotor and provided me with a replacement rotor free of charge. They sent it with DHL express, and it was delivered from the factory in China directly to my door in Germany within a week, also free of charge and, in addition, a bunch of shims and spacers were included for fitting the rotor. Haven't installed and tested the rotor yet, but I am very pleased with how APS and TP (factory) handled this. Only thing how this could have been handled better, is if the complete motor was replaced, as I now need to fiddle and rebuild the motor myself, which for me is ok though.

Pics of the rotors below. Bottom one is the one from the Turnigy 5682. Diameter looks different because of pic angles, all are 28 mm dia. I was able to put the rotors so close together because they are on a metal plate, and were stuck to that enough not to get pulled together. You can see the 5682 has ~40 mm length magnets, whereas the TP5660 has ~50 mm length magnets (magnets on the TP cover whole rotor length), while being in a smaller (minus 2 mm) can (56x80 mm). Wrapping of the TP rotors looks better than that of the Turnigy, which has even has the magnets exposed at some areas - which explains the difference in max RPM I guess.

The new rotor still looks a bit "do-it-yourselfie", but time will tell how this one holds up. Instead of a single M3 grub screw on each side that hold the rotor to the shaft, they now tapped 2x opposite M4 holes on each side, for a total of 4x M4 grub screws; there's 2x M3 holes unused now, so seems like a custom job though, specifically to address my warranty claim?

Anyway, here's some pics, more when I get everything installed again.

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