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SuperMaxx Lightning rebuild
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SuperMaxx Lightning rebuild - 10.02.2012, 10:56 AM

Thought I'd share my rebuild of Lightning. Got lots of info from you folks and parts from Mike.

So here's where I started, Kong tires and Dual HV Brushless

Base truck is a VBS equipped Lightning (first one), it has 8 gear diffs, RacerX, setbacks, a monoblock, dual servo savers and 8mm CVs.

This setup gave up the ghost pretty quickly when presented with 3s Lipos.
On to bigger and better things I ordered a Tekin RX8 a 1350kv motor, Mike's Slipperential and universal mount.

And here it is today

It's got some tuning to do, but the thing rips. It's running on 6s, either a single 3300 or new pair of 3s 5000 and a 16T pinion.
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