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Originally Posted by phildogg View Post
We were told only thing was a sticker change no other difference. Myself and many other people have found this to be not true. When the esc is pushed hard it is always 10-15 mph slower than the xl2, or 34v xlx. This is not just a one time thing but many have noticed this problem. Can we please have a non limited esc?
I asked my software folks about this, and got this reply (below) -- so, it seems it's just a firmware modification. Back down to 1.78, and get the fastest possible setup on the XLX.

From Robert:

First off there is only one version of the XL X here at Castle, we did make some changes to packaging but no changes were made to hardware. There are several different versions of software available for the XL X, some versions will be better for different applications, and I think that this is why the Red and Silver XL X feel different to you. Please take a look at the information below and make sure that when you compare your XL Xs you verify the settings and the firmware versions.


The original firmware V1.72 does have some unintentional pullbacks on acceleration, I promise we are not trying to ruin all your fun, and we now have software available that corrects this issue

When you set Current Limiting to Disabled it is disabled (no lies here I even double checked the code!)

The Start Power settings is very important and I would recommend that you select the High value if you are trying to maximize acceleration

Also note that wire gauge and wire length as well as the quality of the batteries is very important when trying to maximize acceleration

Mamba XL X Firmware Versions:

V2.02 - New firmware which is optimized for racing and crawler vehicles

This version is ideal for racing because of the new drag brake system, which will allow smoother brake transitions when cornering. This version will also be best for crawlers. This version might not be ideal for drag racing, we did not intentionally change acceleration, but the systems that we added might have slowed acceleration. If you are concerned and want the absolute best acceleration I would recommend V1.78.

V1.82 - Same as V1.80 with a minor bug fix for brushed motors

V1.80 - Same as V1.78 with some minor bug fixes

These versions are essentially V1.78 but they include minor bug fixes, none of these should affect acceleration.

V1.78 - All acceleration pullback systems were removed, Also added current cutoff disable

This is most likely the fastest firmware version available for the XL X, we spent weeks pushing the XL X to its absolute limits. Our main test platform was a Losi 5T geared for 80mph on 8s, we even added 15 pounds of lead to the car to make sure that the vehicle was able to accelerate flawlessly in the most extreme setups.

V1.72 - Initial production version, includes acceleration pullbacks

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