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Stampede 4x4 hopups?
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Stampede 4x4 hopups? - 04.03.2013, 12:46 AM

Ok, so I have almost finished the hobby room upgrades, and in the process i have "unearthed" the remains of my pede 4x4.

I was in the middle of a wheel driveshaft upgrade that used a mixture of MIP savage and revo parts.

Stupid stock sliders were blowing out after about 2mins. I bet the truck has less than 10mins total on it.

Anyways, power system will likely be a 1410 castle on 3s thru a mmpro.

Looking for mid 40s top speed, will run regualr pede wheels and tires.

RPM arms and teckno hubs on the truck. Using 12mm hexes right now but may switch to truggy wheels and 17mm hexes if the 12s can't handle it.

Any recommendations?
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