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06.13.2017, 10:13 AM

Back to modding my pede 4x4.

Working on a hybrid MIP CVD setup. Using MIP savage front center shaft, with old MIP emaxx axles. Using the techno rear hub carriers and the techno front knuckles. Had to get 4 bearings in custom size to fit the techno carriers and have a 6mm ID. Also had to go with 6mm ID outer bearings.

Using a few of the teflon shims to get the drive pin in the right place to use techno 12mm hexes with 6mm bore. Had to trim the drive pins down slightly as they are too long for the hexes.

On the diff side I had to remove the std outdrives, which are 5mm, and swap them for non brushless revo/maxx outdrives, with 6mm. The original 4x4 pede outdrives are actually stepped down to 5mm, as the diff cup is the same as an revo/maxx at 6mm. Not a bad swap, and they should be stronger. I could have swapped to full erevo spec diffs, but I plan to only run 3s and a 1406 motor so I doubt the diffs will have issues.

I could have just bought the upgraded x-01 style drop in shafts, but they did not exist when I started this mod about 6 yrs ago, and they still run the small bearings and outdrives.

All of this tomfoolery will result in a much stronger than stock setup. I will post pics.
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