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Center driveshaft/cvd for 3906 modified emaxx?
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Center driveshaft/cvd for 3906 modified emaxx? - 03.13.2010, 06:53 PM

Hi guys!

Bought myself an old e-maxx a couple of weeks ago. Its the 3906 oldschool truck.

Ive equipped it with the following:
Aeolian 100A ESC
Hobbyking's 1900kv XL motor
2x 2S 5000mAh 20C turnigy lipos in series (4S)
Some RPM and so on..

Geared for approx 30mph (50kmh

Just finished mounting LST diffs (ebay, taken from brand new LST XXL truck) as my original rear diff broke. Have been running couple packs with the new LST's and its sweet :)

The problem is my center CVDs are wearing pretty fast. Slipper set ok.
All CVDs are ebay cheap thingys.

So, what to do?

Go revo plastic or continue using steel, but better quality?

There are some issues..

On the LST diffs, pinion shaft diameter is 8mm, 6mm on stock.
There is no hole through the pinion shaft on LSTs, stocks have. I could drill, no biggie.
The LSTs are ~2mm shorter than stock pinion shaft.

This shorter lenght was a problem with my ebay CVDs, the solution was to drill new holes in the outdrive on the gearbox, 2mm further out. This was just enough to get the dogbone in the outdrive.

I read people with Traxxas center CVDs have similar problems when upgrading to 3.3 diffs (also shorter pinion shafts), so its not an option. Plus I have the 8mm pinion shaft giving me a headache...

Could the beefier revo plastic shafts work? Is there enough material to drill 8mm in the yokes? Or can I find 8mm yokes that fit the revo shafts?
Will this it hold?
I would also have to drill a hole through the pinion shaft for the screw used on the plastic yokes, but that should be no problem.

Or is it better to stay with metal center CVDs?

All help appreciated!

Markusb - Sweden


Adding some pics,

This image shows the outdrive BEFORE drilling new holes. Dogbone almost falling out. I did'nt even think about driving it this way..

And after drilling, a bit better (sorry about the blured image)
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