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dont know if this is usefull:
Differential Fluids
Changing the viscosity of the fluid in the differentials affects the way the car
handles and performs. The Turmoil™ differentials come pre-filled with 5000
wt. in the front and center and 1000wt. in the rear. For most conditions, this
is a good place to start.
Center: Changing the fluid in the center differential affects the front-to-rear
drive. To conceptually understand how the front differential affects handling,
think of it as front-wheel vs rear-wheel drive. Heavier diff fluid gives more
rear-wheel drive effect, resulting in more acceleration and more on-power
steering. Lighter fluids in the front differential allow it to unload during
acceleration, giving more front-wheel drive and reducing power-on steering.
When your car under-steers during acceleration, try switching to heavier
fluid in the center differential. When your car over-steers during acceleration,
try switching to lighter weight diff fluid in the center. Typically the optimum
center differential fluid is between 3000 to 10,000wt. depending on the track
conditions (slick surfaces = lighter center diff fluids).
Front: The viscosity of the fluid in the front differential affects overall
steering authority. Heavier fluid reduces steering while lighter fluid gives
more steering. However, if the fluid used in the front diff is too light, the
steering can become inconsistent, especially when accelerating from corners.
Typically the optimum front diff fluid is between 3000 to 7000wt.
Rear: The fluid in the rear differential affects cornering traction and overall
steering. Lighter fluid in the rear diff gives more cornering traction and more
steering, while heavier fluid reduces rear side bite while reducing steering
authority. Some racers replace the fluid in the rear differential with thin
grease for even greater rear cornering traction. Nearly all the racers use
1000wt. fluid or light grease in the rear differential to get maximum rear end

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