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04.01.2015, 09:42 AM

Originally Posted by Serum View Post
But now you're limited to a 49t pinion,do you still want to go with the 54t in the long run?

Yes, you are right; it is sintered material. For CAD, i use solidworks. don't know enough about sketchup..
Thanks, I'll look into Solidworks.

I don't really think 54T is necessary anymore. The need for the big pinion is very specific for the low RPM (900kv, 6S max) of this motor and I could still go a bit down on the spur, to loads that are probably way beyond what the motor will be happy with. I just thought it would be cool to have the cushdrive thing.

Below's an updated gearing matrix, listing no-load wheel-speed (in kph) at nominal Voltage. I need at least 39 mm shaft-to-shaft distance or the motor will rub the rear chassis brace, so red cells are out of the question.

I already have the Aliexpress 30T 6 mm bore pinion, but it's just a huge and clumsy chunk of steel, weighing a whopping 87 g, which is a bit more than I like (complete spool with 36T plastic gear only weighs 56 g). I might also try and bore out a 29T XO-1 pinion I have laying around, material is the same as the cushdrive key, so at least I know what I'm getting myself into :). Kershaw also has some 8 mm bore pinions that would work on the spool shaft with a bore reducer, but he charges $20 intl. shipping even on that small stuff, so that would mean a $40 pinion, which I would like to avoid.

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