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Electrical issue question for you guys
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Electrical issue question for you guys - 01.11.2015, 04:17 PM

Hey everyone.

I am curious if anyone has heard of an issue like this.

Basically, I think a servo I have is killing my speed controls.

First hook up of the brand new servo caused wierd issues with the ESC like it going almost into a failsafe mode.

After a few tries, the ESC just bricked.

Sent it in, bought a replacement under warranty and had the servo checked out with the ESC as its sold by the same company.

hooked the new ESC up with the servo, went to setup my vehicle again and whammo, same problem, and this one is now bricked too, even quicker than the before.

Luckily used the in warranty ESC

so as trying to avoid this problem again, I want to know if anyone has heard of servos every doing this?

The only thing that i didn't send to the company to test was my receivers, which are futaba but I have never had an issue with the other products I run from them and these servos, like 4 of the same ESCs. But, my servos were all hitec (tried a different brand due to specs and being waterproof).

Anyway, anyone heard of anything like this?

Gear being used is:

- 5000mah 4S 50C battery
- Futaba R2104GF Receiver or R204GF-E Receiver.
- Tekin 2000kv truggy motor and a Viper 2100kv 1/8 motor
- V TX-8 ESC
- X-pert brand WR7701 Servo

Just at a loss at what is going on and can't finish my project vehicle, a basically Mad Force made to look like a lifted truck. Happens so quick that its literally bench testing end points that it happens as soon as I move the steering, browns out the ESC and goes to this failed status :(
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