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02.22.2009, 11:42 PM

Originally Posted by MTBikerTim View Post
I think the cen diff issues all stem from the **** house cen diff housing. The plastic savage cases seem to be strong enough to hold them together. I have been running the cen diffs in my brushless savage on 6s and 80mm medusa (R.I.P) and have sheared a drive pin holding the drive cup to the tranny but the diffs are fine.

I would also recommend the X casings for this mod. Bearing sizes would be different for the flux but i'm sure it could still be done.
The Cen diff case is really crappy. Like an emaxx design, but only one sm screw a flimsy collar. The rest is squeezed by the bulkheads. If they are stripping in Cens, well, I wouldn't necc translate that to Savs.

The savage design is 100X better and easier to access and maintain as well. I have the XL (same as X) so well see how it goes. It was my understanding that the Flux has more reinforced bulkheads, so hopefully even stronger, but time will tell.

I didn't trash the pinion or ring gear, but the spiders in mine hopelessly detonated. This was w/ a nitro even at that.
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