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OH Noes!!!!!!
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OH Noes!!!!!! - 04.05.2009, 10:12 AM

I managed to break a pinion!!!!

The issue was the way I shimmed the diff. It was tight, but I had too many shims on the pinion, and more should have been on the diff to bring the ring gear in. It looks like the pinion was riding high on the ring gear and actually rubbing the case a bit. The teeth broke right off. What you can see the way it broke was the pinion is cast metal. A machined part would be even nicer.

I backed off 0.3mm on the pinion, and will add more shims to the bearing sides on the diff and try it again. BTW, you def need shims somewhere around the bearings as they float a bit on the diff cases. You don't want side to side movement on the diff. I am putting 8mm shims on the ends itself. Its more of a PITA as you have to take the diff apart to take the drive cups and bearing off, but its a better way to go once its adjusted properly. I would only fill the diff w/ oil once you've got all the shimming just right. You don't want to dump oil every time you need to add a shim to get the mesh right.
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