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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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John of MoosRacing is extreemly backed up right now with orders. If you email John(of MoosRacing) and let him know what you need and to please send you a paypal invoice, that will be the best way to get your order going as fast as possible. John has dozzens and dozzens of emails from people that ask many questions and seem to not know what they want yet. Whereas if you email your specific order, that's the way to go. Also, the losi 8ight-E can be ordered and paid for by way of Johns new web page. Just go to the main MoosRacing web page and press the link to the new web page, the losi 8 chassis are available for order right there, among a few other models. If anyone has a 1/8th scale RC model that wants a carbon fiber chassis for a model that is not listed, you can ask for that model to be special ordered and be specific with your needs and what you know you want. This will move your order along as quick as possible. I hope this helps. And also keep in mind that Robert of "Matrix Concepts Inc" Also makes extreemly high quality carbon fiber chassis for the losi 8. With replaceable carbon fiber skid plates and droop screw plates. The skid plates are also built into the chassis and therefore sit flush(do not protrude) beyond the bottom of the chassis. It's your choice. Also, both manufacturers prices start at just over $100.oo. John of MoosRacing sells his carbon fiber chassis from about $100.oo and up to about $150.oo depending on the model. Robert of Matrix Concepts Inc, sells his carbon fiber chassis for $109.oo and also offers a complete carbon fiber kit with aluminum couplers and drive shafts. Please write/email the manufactures directly with any further questions. And know that your order will most quickly be expedited, if you place that order today, or as soon as is possible for you to do so. I hope this information is helpful to you.

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He made some 8ight-E specific chassis that I want bad, but I've been unable to get in contact with him. A guy from France posted a picture of one and it's exactly what I want.
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