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My connection to John of MoosRacing.
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My connection to John of MoosRacing. - 06.30.2010, 11:54 AM

I'm just a very happy customer. I've been looking for ways to fix up and improve the performance of my Hyper 9e. And also make the buggy as light as possible. Many of us on the rctech forum have been writing Robert of Matrix Concepts Inc. And asking if Robert would make us a carbon fiber race chassis for the Hyper 9e. Someone on the Hyper 9e thread on rctech discovered MoosRacing and John of MoosRacing said he would make one and to give him one week. All of us were absolutely shocked that someone was going to make us a quality(from a mold) carbon fiber chassis. I'm just sharing this awareness with others. And from the number of people that are viewing this thread, it is clear that this technology is quite popular. I'm extreemly excited and also very grateful. I think my excitement shows when I talk about John of MoosRacing and Robert of Matrix Concepts Inc, crafts. Each of these two companies are doing things with carbon fiber that many said could not be done. Thank you for asking. And I will continue to keep this thread up to date with pictures and data, as it relates to this Carbon Fiber chassis and parts. Special thanks to John of MoosRacing for making these carbon fiber race chassis for anyone that would like to own one. Also special thanks go to Robert of Matrix Concepts Inc. It is Roberts Carbon Fiber Chassis and learning about this technology, that made me know that all my race buggies from this day forward, will always have all the carbon fiber parts possible, and that starts with the Carbon Fiber Chassis.

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Just curious MindThoughts, what is your connection/relationship with Moos Racing?
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