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06.20.2011, 02:29 PM

First time back in forever and I happened to see this. Try to answer some ?'s you have.

It should be noted that this mod is basically obsolete ever since HPI came out with thier bulletproof diff set a couple years ago. This was done to replace the old savage diffs which broke fairly easy. I think the HPI's diff are better as the ring and pinion are machined rather than cast metal like the CENs. The CENs were better than the OLD savage diffs since the teeth were so large, but the newer HPI diffs have the same size teeth, but in machined steel for ultimate strength.

That way, all this modding is not needed, the parts drop right in and easy to find.

If you really want to continue, I'll answer what I remem, but its been a while.

-Only the savage diff cups are used. The Cen ring gear only fits on the cen diff body and vice versa. You go one way or the other, can't mix and match unfortunately. The HPI diff cups are needed as the Xl and Flux had larger dogbones

-The screws were 3x10mm or 3x12mm. No kit needed, just regular pan head screws

-thought I had pix of the spiders in the OP, guess not. No idea on weights, but performance difference would be negligable. Think the CEN spiders are stronger, but not really worth the effort anymore. The HPI spiders look like any truggy spider you would see. I'm sure there are truggy spiders that could replace the HPI spiders if you really had a problem, but likely not needed.
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