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06.14.2009, 03:34 AM

Got some GP3300 7cell Nihms if any could use them. They look like crap but I really wasn't into making packs that looked good. Just needed to fit. They haven't been used in a long time in a rc. I have cycled them on the charger every month or month and half. The last reading after they cycles seemed promissing. I've found they tend to not last long for a few runs but start getting thier legs back after they are used and charged a couple times. They were still great pack when I put them on the shelf after going lipo.

You can see the voltage readings of them in this link. If it would help any I can take a picture that would show them from a much greater distance.

Heres some RPM shock towers, front, rear, and center skid plates for the 3906 e-maxx. The shock towers were dyed Black Plum. There also is a small center skid plate made from CF that protects the tranny.

Some small losi 2.2 tires (only 2 of them)

and a VXL differential that is filled with jb weld for that spool effect.

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