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Love to.
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Love to. - 10.26.2009, 10:58 PM

I would love to join in on something like that, but being in Korea really puts a damper on those kinds of things. I look forward to being fully reitred some day and being able to go to the local track whenever I feel the mood. I would suggest limiting your PS3 usage and doing something more constructive with your time. Those things are great for filling up time when you have nothing else to do, but it usually becomes your main source of entertainment keeping you from doing just about anything productive.

Yea I know they are fun to play with, but when you look back on your life is that all you want to see. I use to do the video scene as well when I was much younger, but after while you begin to see how much wasted time you have lost and can never get back. Its just as bad as drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Money poured down the drain, and no return what so ever.

I decided a long time ago to spend my time doing woodworking projects and mechanical adventures, and now I can do just about anything, which makes my skills much more marketable for work. Not to mention that I can do my own repairs and such on everything around the house, which saves us a lot of money in the long run. If you are a software programmer that would be great, but if you are not??? Life is too short if you ask me. Watching too much TV or playing endless hours of video games provides you with what that will help you move forward in your life? Just asking.

Our kids were doing the same thing, so we got them involved in doing after school activities, and started them on earning their own money mowing lawns and detailing cars for cash. Now they hardly ever sit in front of the TV any more. With the economy being what it is right now I would think that spending ones time finding ways to make extra money would be a good idea, which would help finance more R/C toys and parts. If you are filthy rich and have no friends then disregard this post.

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