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RC4WD Bully ARTC.. good for 1st time crawler?
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RC4WD Bully ARTC.. good for 1st time crawler? - 12.07.2009, 06:26 PM

Between Chris's trucks, Freezebyte's "why crawling?" thread and my growing disinterest in racing, I've been thinking about thinning the herd at home to make way for a crawler to go with my SavageXL basher. I've seen some crazy awesome builds, but I'm not looking to go out and build a custom rig, nor do I want to buy something too cheap and end up spending way more in endless upgrades to get it to perform well.

So I saw RC4WD has a prebuilt Bully rig MOA for not that much $. I have spare sidewinder escs, radios, etc, 300oz TG servos, so really I would just need some cheap motors and a body for the most part to be ready to go.

It looks like the Losi nightcrawler is a decent off the shelf crawler, but looks like many people drop big $ in axles and other stuff in the end anyway.

I don't think I'll be doing comps or anything like that, but I do want something good. IE, any reason not to get this?

How are A123s for crawling rigs? Got tons of loose ones at home not doing anything, but not new enough I'd want to sell. Quick browsing @ RCC shows alot of guys using small 3S lipos. Don't have, but could get from HK easy enough.
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