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12.08.2009, 09:59 PM

Originally Posted by jnev View Post
I decided to start off with the Bully axles. They seemed to be the easiest to start a build with because the axles didn't need any upgrades, yet they were still comp worthy and weren't too pricey.

Arct1k is definitely the one to go to on this forum about crawling, but I just wanted to let you guys considering building a crawler that it is much easier than it looks. To me, I was pretty overwhelmed with the number of parts available for each section of the crawler from the lower and upper links, to chassis', to rims, tires, motors, etc.

This is a work in progress, but I'm personally proud of it since I came from knowing absolutely nothing about crawlers up until a couple months ago. Not that I know that much now, but definitely more than before. Still needs an ESC and battery, but I'll probably change some other stuff around as well (like steering) to better suite the car.
Nice truck! I had "dogman" links on my rig for a bit too, however that one is parted out now and trying to get my hands on another trail truck.

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