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Check out my huge box!
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01.02.2010, 10:52 AM

I looked at the pics and description.

It has muggy length shocks shafts and muggy towers. This does lower the chassis clearance and the cg. Not sure if you want that?

It has the Tin Coated gears and rpm cover. Not bad but the cover will not be used with the tdr mount unless you mod it.

It has rpm arms, which are a big plus, as well as having lundsford links, and the gpm bellcranks. All good stuff that will cost a bit if you buy it new.

By the looks of it you will need to strip it down and clean it completely when you get it. I would offer him 175 shipped. Tell him you will clean it, but you want all of his spares. 6 pages and no sale, his price is too high.
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