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03.20.2010, 05:12 AM

Originally Posted by JERRY2KONE View Post
I wish that I could do that, but flying from Korea round trip costs about $1600 right now. So the only way I am flying in that direction is when the US Gov pays for the trip. I hope to attend the RCX one of these days. Have fun and post up some great pics for us who are not able to be there with you.
That'd be a steep price for RCX. Tell you what, I have a free entry coupon if you do come down.

I'll definitely get as much pictures/videos as I can. It'll probably be restricted mostly to the RCM booth (but who cares - that's where all the good stuff is anyway right?).

In all seriousness though, I usually only have time for a quick run-through either before or after the show starts (sometimes both) to check out the new stuff. I usually do make time to bug Patrick about more HV car setups though. I'll get as many pictures of cool stuff as I can. Any special requests? I'll probably be on the lookout for Brushless related stuff and maybe a 1/8th scale buggy.

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