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12.14.2010, 01:28 PM

Originally Posted by SpeedAssault View Post
Originally I used Sport works Auto cross tires, they did ok on 3s but it still burned out.
I'm now using FG wheels, machined hub to decrease the wheel offset.

In all my searching for a GTP or cool like body I have only found one
954 Mercedes -->
and there's no way I would spend $175. on a plastic body.
I dont understand why they are not more widely used, espeacially now that they have semi truck race bodies

I have been researching to find a material to carve and form to but no luck yet.
Material looking at:
blue foam

Getting VERY ANXIOUS for a Sweet RACE BODY and went to town with foam and tape, just a rush job but damm I think it's going to look Badas$

WHat ya Think ?
Bad ass thread!

If you want to make a custom body you could probably hand lay a fiberglass one of carbon fiber using this method. Tape up the curves and shape like here. Cover in a microfiber. Soak in resin to get to shape. Then lay down your material and resin to reinforce. I have done similar in making a custom sub woofer box for automotive.
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