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Building my dream Brushless 4wd 1/5 scale
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04.27.2011, 03:24 PM

Originally Posted by DUGAN661 View Post
hell yea... can a give better step by step on how u fit the 1/5 wheels on there?

im in the process of doing almost the same thing u have =)
I used stock revo outputs, made a square drive with the corners angled at 45* drilled a hole for the pin to go through it and the axle. I then used Losi wheel extenders and used my drill press as a lathe and trimmed down the small extr shoulder on them to fit inside the FG wheels.
I will post a picture of them.
The HPI Tarmack busters are Awesome for grip, way better than these FG's and the tarmack busters are only $30. for two tires.

Originally Posted by mistercrash View Post
You could try to install LST XXL shafts on there. They might not be the exact length you need but you could modify them like you did for your center shafts. You probably would be able to reinstall the original output cups in your diffs. You're pretty good with that drill press so the axle carriers have to be modified just by enlarging the hole for the outer bearing to just under 16 mm. Then you can press a 8X16 bearing in there. The inner bearing is 15X21 and you can press that in the carrier with a 5/8'' socket wrench and a vise. It slips right in.

I'm not sure about your wheels, I went back to try to make sense of how they are secured on but I can't figure it out. I don't know if the wheels use a hex drive and how big it is. I think I read something about them having a square drive?
Hey Thank you. I think I started to look into that, but it became a money issue and I learned that Titanium has no business in drivetrain, they are junk. my steel ones hold up fairly well, unless there is a collision.

Originally Posted by mac3194 View Post
Can you tell me what you made your chassis with and how exactly you made because im doing something similar in my machine shop class except using 1/8th scale buggy parts.

I used 3mm aluminum but you should use like 5mm or more. My chassis has to much of torsional twist and flex.

Originally Posted by mac3194 View Post
found em'!! lol, to bad there out of my price range :(
Buy HPI Tarmack busters instead.

Originally Posted by reno911 View Post
Bad ass thread!

If you want to make a custom body you could probably hand lay a fiberglass one of carbon fiber using this method. Tape up the curves and shape like here. Cover in a microfiber. Soak in resin to get to shape. Then lay down your material and resin to reinforce. I have done similar in making a custom sub woofer box for automotive.
Thank you for the tip. But I am going to use a block of foam and shape it and then vacuum form polycarbonate over it.
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