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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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05.16.2014, 04:21 AM


Thanks for the reactions!
The rotor is still very strong, but it is from another old NEU ( also a 1521, but a different Kv, does that matter )
The rotor was in a 1577Kv 1521, and now in a 1050 Kv 1521.
I am using a 1717, so I think that is M4?
But I meant the kind of screw, cap heads, or button heads or something else?
It sucks being from Holland, shipping and expensive parts is to expensive for a student..
I think I get another 1717 for in My LST to ( I used the NEU in the LST and the 1717 in the Muggy )
Does someone have a 1717 wich is for sale for not a lot of money?


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