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05.26.2014, 07:08 AM


Thanks for all the replies, you guys gonna cost me a lot of money :)
I have to order a new Muggy motormount, my one is bent somehow by the previous owner ( bought the Muggy second hand.. )
But on the photo of the Muggy mount I see a that there is a little bit milled out to fit a bigger screw onto the motor.
Isn't it better to use a caphead screw, that fits into that little space that is milled out?
Sorry for the bad english, but I am 16 and from Holland, so I have a lot to learn :)

@ Mike : How much will one Muggy mount cost with shipping to Holland?

Thanks again guys, I really appreciate it!


Originally Posted by RC-Monster Mike View Post
If the rotor is good, you likely have a broken winding, unfortunately. For m4 screws, I suggest button head, as they have the most surface area. :)
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