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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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08.03.2008, 09:09 AM

That's very nice , a voltage over 12 while running 16 amps is very good. All the ps I've done have sagged a lot when pulling hard on them.

My latest was a brand new $20 ps which I simply pluggd in the digital tester to and left it that way. It reads the output voltage for me on a screen , but when pulling hard it too sags to 10 volts or so.

I will open it up to see if it has the seperate sense wires on it. I don't know how to read electronis digrams. So the two diodes (drop voltage) go in series in between the two yellows? and the resistors get put in parallel between the yellow sense wire and black?

I did not have to load the ps any , but the digital tester I have used probably has the load built into it. It says not to leave it on for a lojng time , and it can do the full rating of 200 watts (with voltage at 10 sagged very bad)
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