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08.03.2008, 02:17 PM

If you open it up, you might see a small PCB mounted adjustment potentiometer. Many don't so don't be suprised by the lack of one. Also, sometimes loading the 5v and/or 3.3v lines makes the 12v rail much more stable. It depends on what rail the circuit uses the sample the current flow. The only way to know for sure is to try it.

You don't need to open the supply to see if it has a sense wire. If it DOES have a sense wire, the 12v point on the main motherboard connector will have two yellow wires going into it; the main current carrying one, and likely a smaller sense wire. The diagram I made above shows how to hook it up just by cutting the mobo connector off and placing the components as shown. The wires have to be in that order or it won't work right (don't put the sense wire "on top").

That digital tester sounds like a wattmeter or something. Voltage meters typically have VERY high input impedance (so they won't load the circuit being tested). Kinda odd that it says to not keep it hooked up for long.
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