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01.13.2011, 04:16 AM

Originally Posted by josh9mille View Post
Just wondering why the motor mounting bolt holes didnt match up with Mikes conversion kit? Didnt he build it around the Castle motor?
He actually built it around the Neu 22 series motors which use a larger screw spacing for mounting up the motors as they are a little bit bigger in general so I had to make an adapter plate. Mike is actually making/already made an adapter of his own and I'm sure he will be selling those soon.

And as far as the spur gear cover, I milled out my own. It was actually a motor mount at first but it was too flimsy to actually do anything so I just took out the motor mounting holes and just left the holes to mount the spur gear cover. You probably won't need one with the body on but without anything protecting that area I wanted to be safe. I'll get a picture for you tomorrow.
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