Thread: My Baja 5B-E!
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01.13.2011, 08:30 PM

I wasn't able to get any video, but I took it out this afternoon and man is this thing fun! On only 6s it is faster than a Stock Baja by far, I'd say probably 40MPH as a guess, but it gets there quick. 2WD in such a big/heavy car is definitely interesting, kind of have to steer with the back wheels sometimes. I am very satisfied with this buggy so far and can't wait to get some 8s action going on. The shorter wheelbase is definitely a plus for me, really helps it turn and puts the weight a little farther forward as well which helps cause this thing is very back end heavy. Sorry i couldn't get a video, but I will try to get one when I get a chance to take it out to my normal bashing spot on 8s early next week.
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