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Long time no see, but now Iīm here!

It has been tons of flux driving, alot of 1:1 car tuning and just too much work to get a chance to update, and my camera is "stolen" so I can only give you crappy phone pics= No action shots or macroshots...

Anyway, this is the case.

The car have been great so far except the gearbox housing breaking due to too much chassi flex, so I bought a tcs crawlers chassis.

But I didnīt feel comfortable with just 5mm....So I sandwitshed the stock chassi and the tcs chassi for 7.5mm on each side, totally 15mm thick chassis! No chassis bending on my truck:

I also made a new, thicker motor mount:

After I fixed that I got some major air in the sandpit, and the only thing I managed to break was shock shafts...An endless amount of shock shafts!

So, It was back to the workbench, and here is the result:

Revo 5mm pushrods:

I started to remove everything from the shock body, and then I mounted the end cap that holds the orings and drilled up the holes in the cap and the body to fit the new shaft:

I drilled up the piston:

I mounted all the necessary parts on the shock shaft and then pushed the shaft inside the shockbody:

And this is how I mounted the piston in a safe way:

metal shim:

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