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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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09.24.2014, 07:26 PM

First version of the extended rear shaft, simply cut and welded, didnīt hold up to my abuse:

This is the second version. Cut, inserted in a handmade steel tube with six 4mm holes in it, welded in the six holes, then finished in a lathe. All done by a very skilled friend of mine called "Karlsson" , this version has taken som serious abuse and still holds up! Basher approved:

Some plumbing was done, oops pic taken after the first testdrive....:

The aluminum bulkhead mounts:

The custom skidplate, also mounted after the first testdrive, was going to not use a skid, but bent the rear centershaft so decided to moke one up:

How the servo sits and are connected to the steering rack:
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