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10.07.2007, 07:52 PM

Hmm, I guess I missed some of these questions. If it's not too late:

@jnev: I had some Ti coated bits I used. Even so, I wore a bit out doing this. So, get a couple and use cutting oil to help wear and cooling.

@David: The Revo outdrive is substantially larger than stock or even the Jato outdrive pins. If you use the Revo pin, the hole in the shaft will be too big and there won't be much metal left in the shaft and the shaft might break instead. The Jato pins are slightly larger and seem to be made of a different type of metal and have held up where the stockers didn't.

jacobsjo87: You mean the RR internal metal gears? If so, the process is about the same, you might have to drill the necessary holes. Even if the holes are present, you'll have to tap some 4mm holes as well. The stock 2nd plastic/nylon gear has holes arrayed evenly across it so it's easy to self-tap some 4mm screws into it.
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