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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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04.01.2015, 06:43 AM

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback!

I don't know much of metals, but the grainy texture inside means it's sintered I think. Best bet is probably drawing up the part I want and having it made by a CNC service, like Lizard suggested earlier.Do you guys have a recommendation for a good CAD tool for someone without prior CAD experience? Sketchup any good?

@Serum, I would actually like the idea of the cushdrive to have some drivetrain cushening, but you might be right that it will cause wobble. Maybe I just have to settle with the tire-surface contact as the only cushening :).

As long I haven't gotten the XO-1 cushdrive spurs to work, I will be using the OFNA DM-1 spur mount. Those spurs go up to 49T. Later I found the OFNA GTP spurs go up to 51T, but they use a different mounting system. For now I think I'm good with the 49T as that allows gearing between ~150-180 kph nominal no-load with the gears I have, and I'm not sure if the batteries and motor can do much more anyway for continuous use and whether I find enough space to actually use those kind of speeds.

@Lizard, did you try the motor yet in your XO-1?

For the benefit of anyone reading along, here's the OFNA part no. of the alternatives. Both spur mounts have 8 mm bore, so need a reducer for 6 mm motor shafts, like I used in pic above:

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